Mike has traveled the world and experienced many cultures and businesses around the world. Being multilingual, born in Germany and grown up playing professional sports, he moved to Hawaii and became a Scuba Instructor.
As a step parent, he has dedicated his life to helping people live their ultimate life–to do what they love.
Cara grew up from a poor mid west culture playing music and working on cars to becoming a doctor. She loves to travel the world, study cutting edge medicine human behavior. She is an author, educator and keynote speaker on various subjects.

Families are extremely complex these days and the struggle with siblings, parents, or even themselves is real. I’ll be the first to admit that we are the furthest thing from what you would call an “ideal” traditional family. In-fact most individuals I’ve talked to have told me I’m crazy and that they could never have a life like this. But the truth is… most families are what people perceive to be “broken” families. But that is just not the case.

There needs to be a updated resource for families that are struggling emotionally. That is why Mike and I are the perfect experience for the job.