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the most common complicated family dynamics

Understanding family dynamics is complicated. There are courses, textbooks, and yet so much domestic violence, emotional disconnection is always at the root of the disturbance. With all the information out there and many forms of therapy, why do we still have so much frustration and disconnect going on in families across the globe? We have made this so complicated that most people don’t even try anymore or they keep trying the same solutions, attempt the same therapies, the same yelling, the same games, and hope the results will be different; people are literally going insane from the inside out. This spreads into the family, in thecommunity, and to the whole world. It’s time to stop making the answer so complicated.

Simplicity was the real game changing answer for me. So take a breath and come to our intro lectures and start by studying the free intro material and then sign up for a basic prerequisite class to start simplifying and making progress. Start collecting wins instead of going crazy trying so hard to make shit work!!! You don’t have to keep doing the same things and feeling hopeless or even worse feeling superior–complaining about others and blaming your surroundings for the things you don’t like.

Family issues we have easy solutions for:

  • Finding the one; the myth of the soul mate
  • Creating your family, as you cannot undo a child and breaking up is a bad solution
  • Finding and creating the family which is a good fit for you
  • How to do a peaceful divorce especially if aggressive and resentful emotions are present
  • Marriage Preparation
  • Get the most argued topics aligned before marriage (money, life goals, children, and cooperation)
  • Kids when pregnant for the first time
  • How to prepare your marriage for another person to come into the relationship
  • Dealing with in laws: how to properly introduce each other’s family and work through new family acceptance
  • Kids and your schedule
  • Family scheduling to make sure you have a balanced and fun life
  • Chores and family cooperation with responsibilities. Don’t fight with each other to get each one to participate, learn how to share and have fun with family responsibilities
  • Family communication: how to value all perspectives while getting what you need
  • Fix family frustration
  • Abolish care-taking syndrome and let others solve their own problems
  • Empower your relationships
  • Create romance and long term goals to build a lasting marriage
  • Solving autism and aspergers in family dynamics
  • Solving sibling rivalry
  • School manors, goal attaining, and how to integrate into private and public schools for less meetings with teachers
  • Kids nutrition and family dining routine