Knowledge is power

Often I get asked the question…

Boy… how did you learn all this material by your mid 30’s? I chuckle and respond with–“efficient retention and learning systems”. There are no substitutes for proper learning. Most of the general population lives in a small section of the brain specializing in memorization. I like to call it the easy area of the brain. Most perceive it easy by grade school to memorize their studies and quickly move on–not applying the information into their life. With an integration of concept learning and applications, information becomes beyond useful. It becomes power and the most successful people on the planet understand they get paid to create solutions. The more you allow your emotions and short lived addictions to thrive whether it be gossiping, coffee, or your favorite TV show–you will be unaware and your memory will stay away from the most powerful part of your brain and you will be frustrated by the consequences of your habit to stay in a memorized non applicable missing conceptual thinking pattern.

The older generations use to reference this as street smarts or common sense, but with overly memorized specialties this is mostly gone. We have done profound work improving peoples frustrations particularly with teaching and learning in life. Notice most people don’t go on to study after high school, as school was not fun nor do people see learning as a way to get what they want. The last few generations we had a massive amount of increasing college students only to be more disappointed by their studies and statistically make more money, but do not have much more power. Consider the Demartini Method to clear out brain noises so your mind is optimally thinking and starting new habits that becomes doable and fun. All our students and clients have attained this effect as the massive benefit of their studies with us and the Demartini Method.

Master issues like:

  • Studying and applying concepts to get ahead at work, school, and family affairs
  • Introspection to discover weakness and gain empowerment
  • Learning spirituality
  • Link low priorities to accomplish more goals
  • Achieve promotions
  • Start off with the right systems and procedures in successful lecturing to employees, kids, niche marketing and more
  • Fix lower grades in children especially if they are severely struggling in school
  • Build self esteem and ease the fear of being behind and not being smart enough