Some people keep it to themselves but secretly resent the person.
Others openly resent them.
Some just go take it out on something.
Others may talk to themselves and convince themselves its okay, that everything will be alright.
Then you have people who talk it out with their family and friends.
Next we have people who talk to counselors, or mentors, coaches.

I’m sure you have at one point or another done one of the above, if not regularly. The truth is, dealing with emotions is not really formally taught in school or life. It is human experience / advice at best and limited to what your parents know if its early age, or your best resources as an adult.

The term emotional baggage sums it up pretty well because when emotional problems are not resolved, they start to weigh down on you. It has become the accepted norm to have emotional baggage, but no one likes someone with emotional baggage. Emotions are kind of hard to keep track of because they are invisible, its not like your body or something you can touch and see physically. You can only feel it but it can get so complex and come and go it can become a blender of chaos.  But your “mental state” CAN be damaged, hurt and cause other long term effects just like a physical object. Stress is invisible, but if it were to be visible you would literally see heat burning someone, because that is what stress is doing to your internal “mental” body just as all of these emotions that are unresolved are causing scarring and other effects.

The first step is to become aware, when you are aware you can start to dissolve the charge. And that’s where we come in.

How would you like to be able to get rid of all your emotional baggage? It doesn’t matter what kind of emotional issue you have in their, the whole bag can disappear. Death of a loved one, someone treated you badly, trauma, depression, guilt, shame, you name it.

The problem with most personal development gurus these days is they promote positive thinking and not a true resolution to the problem. They don’t fix the issue at the core, in  fact most are actually cause more harm because they teach you to trick yourself into seeing a different perception instead of coming to balance with love.

We know because if an emotional issue is not truly dissolved it ALWAYS comes back and you know it.

The d-method is a scientifically proven method that truly dissolves your emotional issues at the core. It does not wipe it away, it truly lets you come to terms with what happened by seeing both sides. It does not require talking or anything related to the person who negatively affected you, because its all about you.

When you utilize the tool, you will no longer be haunted by your emotional traumas, and any new ones that come in can also be neutralized.

When you do this long enough, you will reach start to reach emotional mastery.