How efficient would you rate your day? How about your life? How much time did you waste? What could you have done better? The potential for growth is incalculable depending on how efficient you get. Imagine what you could do if you were twice as efficient, how about 3X as efficient? Efficiency is present in all areas of life and in everything we do. Dr. Cara Olsen teaches mastery in efficiency because that is one of the biggest keys to exponential growth. But it all begins with transformation, so where do we start? Want to be efficient with your emotions? How efficient are you when you are stressed, angry or sad? How much better could you perform if your head wasn’t clouded? How efficient are you with your money? What could you do with more time in your day? Dr. Cara offers the tools for transformation. Gain confidence, change your mindset, dissolve your emotional stress, conquer your fears, and alter your life.