"Measure your success by your impact

Instead of your income"

Financially, many people struggle to understand that they have a mental opinion of money that really matters. Have you ever thought badly of a friend or family member and noticed they didn’t exactly respond to you well? Whether you express your dislike of others or not, they can sense that and don’t feel well about you in return.

Money is similar, we use the DMethod to introduce a fresh perspective of money. Forming a new opinion is the beginning of starting a new relationship with your income. People wish so dearly to have more or save more, or understand what the financially independent have done to get there. For some people, they have a great opinion of it, become excited, but then disappointed by the bills and expenses that show up with more money. Some get a lot of money and don’t understand the planning and responsibilities with income.

We partner with tax specialists, insurance companies, and attorneys to make sure we can lecture on responsibility. However, we use the Dmethod to make sure you have the relationship you want with money. Money is a tool to create the life you want. It is one of the few things all us humans have agreed on to make exchanging values efficient. Your ability to ask and keep what you want to create the life of your dreams must be connected to your attitude. Appreciate things and see more of those things in your life. All of our students, clients, and Dmethod masters have gained a new relationship with money and their new attitude ensures fun in their new plan that is filled with proper expectations and behaviors.


Solve financial issues such as

  • Gain Financial Independence
  • Getting out of debt in just a few months
  • Starting multiple savings accounts
  • Create proper auto pay accounts
  • Release your emotional stress about having enough for emergency repairs
  • Solve your trouble of taking from your savings
  • When has an employee earned a raise?
  • Get a new career doing what you love and making good money from it
  • Teaching your kids about money
  • Funding your own career
  • Opening your own business
  • Paying off your student loans
  • Pay off your house
  • Changing expenses