Succeed As A Doctor




Have you finished medical school, but you’re not sure what to do next? Should you start your own practice, work for a hospital, or find a business partner? What other options are available? How will you pay back your loans, and more importantly, how will you find patients—and will those patients like you?

Whether you just graduated or you’ve been floundering in your medical career, Dr. Cara Olsen can help you. In Succeed as a Doctor, she walks doctors of all professions through what it takes to gain necessary experience, wear multiple hats, and come out on top, satisfied you’ve done your best to make the world better.

In these pages, dr. Olsen shares her personal and professional stories about what she needed to get clear on to become an effective healthcare provider.

Succeed as a Doctor will teach you how to:

  • Make the best decisions for your personal and financial future happiness
  • Learn to love your patients and be grateful for the opportunities they give you
  • Avoid the zombie patients and employees who will eat your codependent soul
  • Learn to set boundaries and gain respect rather than befriend patients
  • Delegate what you don’t love so you can focus on your passions
  • Set realistic goals for business growth and lifelong learning
  • Expand your influence by mentoring and benefiting others

Chock-full of insightful advice, in this book you will learn how to open your eyes to opportunities all around you for growth, gratitude, and increased happiness.


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