"When you care what people think, you will always be their prisoner"

Now a days communication is primarily digital and social media is swarming over people and building itself into our culture. Having a social influence and being popular in America is one of the cherished values of our country along with family and power. Good communication is key in communicating your value to others to create a social following. Many are jumping on the internet band wagon and it’s less effective than understanding how to be of value and communicate how you are of value to others, resolving conflicts with your friends, or changing communication patterns with your closest friends.

Learn how to truly connect with people, understand what they mean and not what you thought they meant to keep the bridges you make with others in your life. I receive many compliments and quests to be a great speaker. 

Solve problems such as:

  • Feeling self conscious
  • Wondering what others think of you too much
  • Over analyzing your impact on others
  • Saying things you didn’t mean
  • Having others misinterpret you
  • Being unaware or assumptions of how and what others think
  • Being confused on what self confidence and self worth actually is
  • How to be of value to others
  • How to improve body language
  • How to express your self to others in their values
  • How to understand how we speak to each other in body language as the digital age has taken over
  • How to speak clear with better habits
  • How to find your niche, so you can go find the type of people you want to be around who appreciate you
  • How to be ok with not everyone liking you
  • How to stop subordinating and get clarity on what you love
  • How to find your home
  • How to relocate and find a new home
  • How to market to a social network 
  • How to have an influence on others and especially yourself, your family, your friends, your community, your state, your country, your globe
  • Own your admired traits you see in celebrities and people you look up to