Spirituality is not just religion. It may include values such as your connection or experience with the soul, the universe, or God. Exploring your inner voice or vision, Inner reflections, faith, beliefs, temperance, inner harmony, higher order, purpose, devotion, secret orders of the universe, and much more.

Coming from a catholic background, Dr. Cara has gone around the world learning and experiencing many religions. She’s had many meditations with Buddhist monks and studied mystery schools and beliefs. She’s studied the ancient and well historically established mystics and renowned scientists. These experiences have really allowed her to see a much bigger and clearer picture of life.

Your perspective and awareness can be at most instants a partial and coming together of many beliefs and perspectives that is invigorating and eye opening. Putting the puzzle pieces together doesn’t need to be boring, expensive, or exclusive.

Come study with us and broaden your awareness, gain transformational perspectives, and tools that the ancient mystics–the most upper leader lineage in religions and deeply accomplished scientists understood.

Gain mastery of roadblocks such as:

  • Understanding more beliefs and ancient teachings
  • Apply teachings to understand what multiple generations have explored
  • What is calmness for you
  • Applying what calmness is for another into you
  • Why emotions are helpful in meditation and what are they really saying to you
  • What does clear minded mean
  • The difference between the different parts of the mind, the heart, and the intuition
  • What is and why have organized meditation
  • The meaning of all frustrations and indecencies and what they truly represent in your soul
  • Sharing your spiritual experience with others
  • How to tolerate all beliefs systems to reach and connect with others on a grand scale
  • How to be of service to mass amounts of people
  • How to implement money into your life and what money represents spiritually to you